3 Creative Ways to Use Ad Extensions (that Google Won’t Tell You About!)

By Allen Finn

adwords ad with no ad extensions

Question: What kind of advertiser doesn’t want their creative to sprawl down and across the entirety of a prospect’s search engine results page?

Answer: A bad one.

And how does one achieve such SERP dominance? Why, through ad extensions, of course!

As most of you are aware, ad extensions are the extra bits of information Google allows advertisers to append to their Expanded Text ads in order to provide more (and more relevant) information to searchers. They don’t take long to set up. They’re displayed at no additional cost. And they turn your paid search ads from this…

Into this…

adwords ad with multiple ad extensions

After a long night of bar hopping and bong rips, which would you click?

Now, ad extensions, while inarguably useful, are not a secret. Your biggest competitors are already using them. They’re probably doing so ineffectively, at the account level (you can get ad group granular with some of these suckers) with bland messaging, but their ads are yolked.

In a world where everyone’s ads are bursting with clickable, informative appendages, how can you differentiate?

By finding more creative ways to leverage ad extensions.

Today, I’m going to suggest three creative, alternative applications for ad extensions designed to help you zig (or zag) while other advertisers walk the straight and narrow. They are:

  1. The zero-dollar price extension
  2. The message extension as lead generation
  3. The daily callout extension

Shall we?

#1: The Zero-Dollar Price Extension

Price extensions are relative newcomers as far as ad extension are concerned, but if you sell something (which, you know, seems pretty likely), they’re an absolute must. Basically, price extensions allow you to call out specific products or services and advertise their associated costs alongside the rest of your ad creative. They look something like this:

adwords price extension example

As you can see, the price extensions appear below the description section of the ad and link directly to the pages on your website associated with the items you’re highlighting. In addition to the name of a given product and link to its digital home, you’re also afforded the opportunity to select a category (header), a price qualifier (like “from” or “up to”) and a short description. As far as ad extensions go, these are among the most information-rich in your arsenal.

components of adwords price extensions

Initially, these suckers were only available on mobile devices which made them really useful for ecommerce operations and simple lead generation but significantly less so for those selling something a bit more nuanced like, say, online advertising software. Since then, however, price extensions have been rolled out across all devices, making them an invaluable tool for all advertisers, especially those trying to give something away for “free.”

Yup, you read that right.

If your top of funnel goal isn’t a sale but, rather, to introduce your business to prospects using free tools or gated content (white papers, infographics, etc.), you can leverage price extensions to highlight multiple offerings, improving your chance of converting. For example, we use price extensions to hammer Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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