3 Books That May Change How You See The World

By Jeff Bullas

In a world of instant gratification and get quick rich schemes, the activities that are worth doing are often forgotten or ignored.

They are simple things like habits that produce change and results. The reality is that you may not notice because transformation creeps up on you. You practice or perform your routine one day at a time. It is often incremental and slow.

But success in life comes from playing the long game even when you have limited time. Reading books and taking the time to discover, learn and create sit in that frame.

What you read and ponder today will change you tomorrow.

Here are three books I have read recently that may change how you see your world.

1. Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

The poet Mary Oliver wrote “Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

This quote from Essentialism maybe sums up the core messages that the author Greg McKeon is conveying to the reader.

He then forces us to look at the 3 realities of individual choice, the prevalence of noise and the reality of tradeoffs.

To help achieve living a successful life of passionate purpose that is yours and yours alone he outlines 3 essential steps.

  • Explore – Discerning the the trivial many from the vital few
  • Eliminate – Cutting out the trivial many from the vital few
  • Execute – Removing obstacles and making execution effortless

The author wrote this book by blocking 8 hours a day without phones, email or other distractions to interrupt his priority of doing something important. This is something that is also explored in the book “Deep Work“.

For me there is a genius and magic to routine. It eliminates distraction and creates focus. Focusing on these essentials can result in more clarity, control and joy.

2. Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The title of the book Life 3.0 is what the author, Max Tegmark sees as the 3rd stage of human evolution. The first being the biological, the second is cultural and the third, technological.

With the rise of maybe the most important development from the technology revolution “Artificial Intelligence” there are some implications for what it means to be human.

It also threatens to take away what gives us meaning. This includes our jobs, careers and an even creativity.

The authors take on what it means to be human involves setting goals and using creativity and intuition to tackle unsolved problems. Deep reinforcement learning using artificial intelligence technologies such as DeepMind are pushing into these areas.

DeepMind AI is now at a point where it learned to play 45 different games without being told anything about the game. On intuition, creativity and strategy it has evolved to the point where it applied creative strategy to beat Lee Sodol (the top player in the world) at AlphaGo.

In the book he also raises the idea that whatever the answers are to the question of what makes us truly human will need Go to the full article.

Source:: Jeff Bullas Blog

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