18 SEO Experts Reveal Their On-Page SEO Techniques

By João Aguiar

On-Page SEO is one of the most important aspects of a thorough and successful Search Engine Optimization.

However, as the years go by and Google alters its algorithms, things change, new techniques are created, new ideas shared and that means only one thing…

It’s time for an On-Page SEO Roundup containing the very best practices you MUST go for in the end of 2017!

I posed a query to numerous SEO Experts and they responded, giving us surprising, insightful and actionable tips that must be shared with the SEO world!

I was able to gather answers from diverse actors of the SEO realm. While some of them may share similar insights, it’s imperative that you read them all thoroughly and make sure you implement these amazing SEO ideas as soon as possible!

Ready for the SEO Roundup to beat them all?

Read up now!

#1. Clark Benson

CEO/Founder of Ranker

“At Ranker, we’ve had quite a bit of growth in organic search over the years, particularly on mid-and-long tail search queries. As someone who likes to rank things, I would have to say the single most important element of on-page search for us, to this day, has been writing smart, search-optimized, title tags.

One of the things we did poorly in the very early stages and adjusted to better effect later was that we tried to go after really high-competition keywords in our title tags. For example, on our ranking of zombie movies, we would look in the Google Keyword Tool and see that “zombie movies” showed far more searches than “best zombie movies” or “zombie movies list”, so we would write a clunky title tag like “Zombie Movies – List of the Best”.

After a while we saw the failings of this “rookie mistake” approach and switched to something more natural sounding like “Best Zombie Movies, Ranked By Fans”. Trying to win on a very highly searched term takes years, but you can get solid traffic from mid and long-tail title tags that are more closely geared to exactly what your page is.”

#2. Sam Hurley

Managing Director at OPTIM-EYEZ

“There are 101 on-page techniques to implement for maximum organic visibility. One of the priorities today is the use of semantics/LSI keywords.

LSI is your ranking fuel. If you’re not already thinking this way when creating your content, now is the time to begin!

Are you aiming to rank for “Best summer days out”?

Apply an abundance of conversational and topical phrases, such as:

-Things to do in the sun
-Where to go in the sunshine
-Top hot tourist attractions
-Nice weather but bored

LSI keywords are so powerful, Google results occasionally appear that don’t even include the original search query!”

#3. David Klein

David Klein, Director of Marketing at ClickTime

“1. Optimize your title tags for both search and conversion. Changing your title tag will offer the biggest improvement to your page rank. Yes, you’ll want to want to include your most important keyword in the title tag, but you’ll also Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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