17 Tricks for Boosting Conversions On Any Landing Page

By Tim Brown

Good luck getting massive conversion rates on your landing pages!

As each new year progresses, new challenges and goals arise, and in terms of your website, improving your landing pages should be a top priority.

Whether you’re a small business or a huge corporation, there’s never been a better time to begin optimizing your web content. Now that you know 17 tricks to build a perfect landing page, get out there and start winning over customers!

Guest Author: Tim Brown is a web designer and developer also helping clients with

Your new year’s resolution?

Boosting conversion rates, increasing business leads and achieving success!

You probably know from experience that just driving traffic to your website with content, social media, and paid ads is only half the battle – you either need to get more specialized landing pages, or perfect them so a visitor considers buying.

That means creating an effective and emotionally compelling case that showcases your product or service in the best possible light.

Here are 17 tricks to making any landing page convert. Let’s get started.

1. Craft the most compelling headline

Research shows that you have 0-8 seconds to capture a visitor’s interest with a compelling headline and landing page. After the eight seconds is up, most visitors leave.

The headline is the first thing a visitor sees, ultimately deciding whether or not they want to stick around. When writing an effective headline, you should aim for a mix of contextual keywords paired with emotional elements to increase click-ability.

Start with your focus keyword(s) and build emotional triggers around it, such as in the example below.

Image Source: Sitepoint

If you’re looking for help, try out this tool from CoSchedule which will analyze your headline and provide insight into whether it’s good or bad.

2. Add a video

Landing page videos are more popular than ever. Product videos are a great way to entice and entertain a visitor. In fact, landing page videos have been shown to increase product purchases by 144%.

You can embed a video within your header or display it in other formats; many businesses these days, for example, use video backgrounds on their landing pages that automatically play upon opening (avoid auto-play audio.)

Or… you can add an explainer video that introduces a visitor to you and your services in a no pressure way.

How do I know? I launched this SEO Minneapolis landing page, and literally within hours it converted a visitor into a lead who became a very solid customer. People feel like they get to know you when they get introduced to you, your team, or your offer via video. It’s almost more intimate than any combination of photos and text that you could come up with.

3. Try long-form content

You could see more leads come in with long-form landing pages. It’s been shown that long landing pages can net 220% more leads than a primarily above-the-fold landing page.

It gives you more opportunities to craft compelling copy and achieve higher keyword saturation for search. By appealing to both humans and search engines, you increase the likelihood of driving organic traffic and increasing conversions. Creating long-form content sounds daunting, but try these three tricks to make it easier: