17 Tasks To Eliminate, Automate and Outsource For Blogging Productivity

By Marko Saric

Keep your blogging momentum during holidays

Struggling to find the time to blog?

You’re in the right place.

Today I will share with you advice and productivity tools that will make you a productive blogger.

This guide will help you remove distractions, eliminate redundant tasks, automate where possible, and outsource certain tasks to free your time for the core activities.

Let’s get started.

Three simple principles to blogging efficiency

Do you wonder how big bloggers keep publishing new content all the time?

How come their publishing machine is so well oiled?

Where do they get the time and the ideas?

Are they online all the time every day?

Do they have assistants working for them creating and publishing their content?

These questions can be answered in three simple steps:

  1. Eliminate the redundant steps and tasks
  2. Use technology and tools to automate and schedule as many of the remaining tasks as possible
  3. Delegate and outsource non-essential tasks to virtual assistants and free your time for essentials

Blogging productivity is a matter of re-evaluating your priorities

Time is a limited resource, but you still have 24 hours in every day.

You have a job that takes some 9 hours, you probably sleep 7 hours which leaves you with 8 hours a day for housework, friends and family, and hobbies.

That is plenty of time.

Being too busy to blog is just a bad excuse.

It’s all a matter of re-evaluating your priorities and being better at time management.

You have to figure out what’s important to you, learn to control your hours better and put some smart systems in place.

Be a productive writer infographic

Work smarter, not harder: The 80/20 principle

Knowing the best uses of your time is much more valuable than trying harder, working longer or complaining about not having enough time to blog.

Excellent prioritization skills are critical for a blogger.

You need to distinguish between what needs to be done and what doesn’t, and you need to know the difference between make work and real work.

Do things that are worth doing and let go off things that are not.

80% of your best blogging will come from 20% of the things you do. This is the Pareto principle.

Figure out which of your chores are those 20% tasks that have the highest impact on your blogging goals.

Then spend most of your time doing those meaningful activities, and stop wasting time on unproductive tasks that you’re not good at or that are irrelevant to your success.

These non-essential tasks can be automated using tools and delegated to virtual assistants in order to free your time to create more content and do other meaningful activities in which you cannot be easily replaced.

Outsource and delegate these 4 non-essential tasks to free your time

A blog is normally a company of one employee.

You are the jack of all trades.

You do everything from creating content, improving the design and doing the marketing.

You have the complete knowledge of everything about your blog, you do not need to communicate to anyone else and you make all the decisions yourself.

But as your blog grows you might run into challenges by doing everything Go to the full article.

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