15 Steps for Creating a Successful Social Media Giveaway Contest

By Marcela De Vivo

15 Steps for Creating a Successful Social Media Giveaway Contest

Social Media Giveaways continue to be hugely popular, although the online landscape has changed a great deal in the last few years. The growth of mobile internet traffic, in particular, is a game changer, making mobile responsive giveaways an absolute must.

For this reason one of your best options is to use Heyo to create your giveaway. Heyo’s contest apps are fully mobile responsive and intuitive to set up. And Heyo’s editor is entirely visual, which makes the process of creating your campaign more enjoyable.

Best yet, they offer a no credit card free trial.

Everyone loves getting something for free. In fact, one of the main reasons that people “Like” a brands Facebook page is so that they can either obtain a discount or win something.

The rise of social media allows businesses to easily create their own contests and giveaways that can:

  • Build links to your website (great for SEO)
  • Increase traffic
  • Create social engagement

This then can lead to increased brand awareness and the sharing of your contest on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. So giving away something for free can result in free marketing.

In this article we will go through 15 steps to set up, promote, and use “giveaways” to improve traffic and social engagement.

Step 1. Determine the goal of the giveaway

What is the primary purpose of the Giveaway? Is your focus to increase social engagement to your Facebook or Twitter pages? Or are you interested in using Giveaways as a link building strategy?

The goal that you choose will determine the type of contest and entries that you will run. Additionally, you also need to determine your budget for promoting the Giveaway.

Step 2. What will you be giving away, and how long will the contest run?

Based on the goal of the contest, your margins, and your audience, you can select a giveaway product that people will love.

If you have an obscure product, giving it away may not be a sufficient incentive for people to enter your giveaway. In that case you may choose to give away a Visa gift card or Ipad or something that everyone will want.

Additionally, you must determine how long your contest will run. We find that 1 month is optimal, as it gives you enough time to get the most out of the giveaway, without being much too long thus causing people to forget all about it.

Step 3. Create your giveaway on Rafflecopter

Why Rafflecopter? Because it’s awesome. It takes minutes to create a Giveaway. It gives you the ability to create multiple entries so that through one Giveaway you can fulfill various objectives, including link building and social engagement. It’s very inexpensive. And it can be integrated into your page, Facebook, and other blogs.

Creating a Giveaway Contest on Raffle Copter

Some of the entries that we recommend are: