15 Helpful PR & Marketing Lessons From My Favorite Little Girl

By Emily Sidley

There are a lot of similarities between public relations and marketing, and raising a child. While I still have quite a few parenting stages ahead of me, here are a few lessons my 4-year-old daughter has reminded me about over the years.

PR & Marketing Lessons From a Baby

  • Even as a baby, my daughter revealed several useful public relations lessons!

    Time and preparation. Just as you spend nine months preparing for a baby’s arrival, it takes a lot of time and preparation to create a marketing plan and put it in to action. You need to figure out what your goals are, how you’re going to achieve them and start taking steps to get you there.

  • General maintenance. There’s a lot of general maintenance you need to do to see a PR or marketing plan come to fruition. Sometimes it might feel like all you’re doing is writing social media updates, crafting blog posts and answering the same questions over and over, but like changing diapers and feeding a baby, these repetitive marketing steps are ones you need to take to grow your business’ online presence.
  • Stimulation. Beyond the general maintenance, babies need age-appropriate stimulation, just like a business’ public relations and marketing efforts. If you only have time for general maintenance your company won’t grow and develop properly, so make sure your marketing plan has activities appropriately timed to try to stimulate growth.
  • Patience. As you look back at pictures you can see how quickly your baby grew, but in the day-to-day it takes a lot of time and work. Something as simple as rolling over requires many little steps along the way. In the same way, your company won’t explode overnight, even with a successful marketing strategy. Be patient and remember you need to take one step at a time.
  • Plans change. Anyone that’s had a baby can tell you plans don’t always go the way you want them to. If you want to leave the house at 3:30 and plan ahead to do so, your son or daughter might blow out of their diaper at 3:28, forcing an entire outfit change (and possibly other clean up). You just have to go with it. In a similar way, a marketing plan doesn’t always go the way you want it to. Sometimes certain strategies don’t work or turn out not to be practical when you thought they would be. Or something urgent might come up that throws you off track. Don’t get discouraged! Remember to take a minute to breathe, regroup and figure out where you’ll go from here.

PR & Marketing Lessons From a Toddler

  • What marketing lessons can a toddler teach? Here are a few gleaned from my daughter at 14 months old.

    Try, try again. I remember being constantly amazed at my daughter’s ability to get up and try again when she was a toddler. Even after she was able to walk, sometimes when she was tired she’d fall down more than usual, and every once in a while Go to the full article.

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