12 Solid Tips for Successful Personal Branding

By Greetje den Holder

As an entrepreneur, you need to focus on branding. You brand your company so that people know exactly what your company can do for them and how well. At the same time, you need to brand yourself so that people know with whom they are doing business. Personal branding requires time and effort; you can find the why and how here, so you can do it right from the beginning.

In this blog, I will first examine more closely why it is important for an entrepreneur to focus on personal branding. Then, I will list twelve tips that will help the entrepreneur build a personal brand.

What is personal branding and why should an entrepreneur focus on it?

Jayson Demers explains personal brands as a collection of characteristics and traits that constitute a unique identity and generate popularity. People with strong personal brands are more visible, more popular, and more authoritative.

If used in conjunction with a corporate brand, personal brands can earn you a host of benefits, such as trust: people trust other people more than they trust corporations. When they read content written and promoted by a person, they are more likely to believe its sincerity and importance than when that same content is pushed by a business attempting to generate a profit.

Jonathan Long claims that consumers want to hear the story behind the founders: the failures, struggles, and the success. This means putting yourself out there and marketing yourself in addition to your business.

Mike Wood agrees. He says that in today’s competitive business environment, it may seem nearly impossible to stand out. Still, many people have managed to step out of the shadows by opting for personal branding. He defines personal branding as the method of marketing yourself and your career to improve relationships with managers, colleagues, and clients. Turning yourself into a brand helps you manage how you are viewed and how much trust you can establish in your career. It involves creating a distinct voice, image, and ethical standard.

How to build your personal brand: 12 tips for the entrepreneur

How can you create a personal brand that can support and complement your corporate brand? I have compiled a list of twelve tips that I have found when reading Wood’s, Demers’s, and Long’s articles. You will first find general tips and then some tips that center around social media, which is an essential tool in establishing your personal brand.

1. Develop a strong value proposition

Every major company has a value proposition and you should too. What makes you, as a person, attractive to potential customers or clients? What is it that makes you special? Why should someone work with you? Once you have this established, make sure your audience knows what it is.

2. Understand your industry inside and out

Your business is only as good as the people running it, yourself included. It is important that you understand your industry inside and out. This means staying up to date on latest Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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