11 Ways to Turn Prospects into Customers

By Allen Finn

11 ways to turn prospects into customers using adwords and facebook

A nurture program is a necessary component of any business’s digital advertising strategy. It doesn’t matter if you’re peddling alpaca flannels on a one-page Shopify site or you’re hunting boomers in need of retirement savings management, nurture can help grow your brand and your bottom line.

Sometimes (most of the time) people just aren’t ready to convert, to purchase your product or become a bona fide lead, after your first interactions. Depending on your industry, it could take minutes or months to close a prospect. In that time, there’s very little you can do to stop a prospect from being swayed by your competition. That very little is called nurture.

Nurture is the catch-all given to whatever systems a business has in place to move a prospect down their conversion funnel, turning a window shopper into a cash-paying consumer.

turn window shoppers into paying customers

Unfortunately, most businesses seem to think nurturing begins and ends with email. And while email is an invaluable channel for interacting with your prospects, it has its limitations.

That’s why today, I’m going to show you how to use paid search and paid social to make your nurture marketing funnel more WAY more effective.

To scrounge up enough strategies to make this post worth your while, I recently met with our in-house paid acquisition maverick, Brett McHale, who says that using AdWords and Facebook to nurture your prospects helps advertisers do three incalculably important things. It…

  • Creates brand familiarity
  • Provides value
  • Handles objections

According to Brett: “Nurture marketing is all about value. Value of your brand, your offering. Facebook and AdWords help you reach targeted subsets of your audience in a handful of ways. If you can show a prospect that you’re the solution to their problem without stalking them all over the internet, you’re T-ing up one kick-ass customer.”

I’ll get to the full list of ways you can nurture your prospects with PPC in a minute, but first…

The Problem with Email Nurture…

Everybody’s doin’ it.

The two primary reasons you need to leverage PPC as a foundational component of your nurture program are mediocre or bad open rates and email overload.

Here’s a picture of the promotions tab in my Gmail inbox from one morning last week:

email nurture bloated inbox

I’ve never read a single one of these emails. Unless your subject line game is off the charts, the promotions tab is where nurture goes to die. An elephant graveyard for bad and just-okay email copy.

With PPC, you effectively skip over the middleman. By circumventing your prospects’ inboxes, you’re only competing with advertisers on a SERP, a relevant website on the GDN, or Facebook / Instagram. You’re also getting a leg up on your competitors, who are probably only using an automated email funnel to nurture prospects (if they’re doing it at all).

The second problem impacting your email nurture program? Low open rates. Check out this list of average email marketing stats by industry from MailChimp. They’re not so low as to warrant no longer Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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