11 B2C Copywriting Tips To Resonate With Your Audience

By Matt Brennan

Your B2C copywriting probably falls a little flat. It’s not an easy thing to do to take your business and your passion, and convey it in a way that resonates with your audience. But that’s exactly what you have to do to resonate with your audience.

Take your passions and your livelihood and be able to relay it in a way that entices your audience.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Business blogs have a high propensity to be boring. They are frequently poorly written and thinly veiled attempts at advertising that fall flat on their face. The truth is that both b2b and b2c copywriting could be a little livelier.

Here’s 11 B2C Copywriting Tips to Help You Succeed

Locate Your Reader’s Problem – Your reader found your website and your blog because they have some kind of problem they are exploring. They are asking questions about your industry, and looking for the efficiency to make their lives easier.

If you can position yourself and your business as the solution to that problem, your b2c copywriting will be working in your advantage and positioning your company for success.

Tell a Good Story – People remember stories. If you can make them laugh or cry, they are far more likely to think fondly of your business and buy from you when they are ready. Do you have a good origin story? A designer I work with talks about the early days of his passion, beginning in childhood. People love hearing about the curiosity of children, and his story is compelling.

Ask yourself how your b2c business can become a lifestyle brand. When you incorporate the whole experience of your product or service into your marketing, it becomes easier to think of your b2c copywriting as a story.

Forget Features – Do you understand the difference between features and benefits? Product features are the list of ingredients. You don’t drink a Diet Coke because of the laundry list of chemicals listed on the back of the can.

No. Instead, good b2c copywriting generates interest in the lifestyle behind drinking Diet Coke by talking about the benefits. Generating interest in Diet Coke is about presenting it as the low-calorie alternative for soft drink addicts (the key benefit). It’s about favorably comparing the taste with regular Coke. It’s about making it a viable lifestyle alternative in the health food craze.

Understand Everything About Your Audience – Do you know who buys your product or service the most? What are the key traits? It’s important to understand the gender, age, employment characteristics, hobbies and interests of your b2c audience. The more you know about your consumers, the easier it is to position your business and market to them.

You can start by filling in an ideal customer profile, and filling in all the information that you can about who you want to buy your stuff, and why they would turn to you. The more detailed and creative your profile is, the more useful it becomes. Once you understand Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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