10 Ways Your CRM Can Shorten Your Sales Cycle

By Dusti Arab

The landscape of selling as a profession has changed drastically over the past decade, but nothing has had a more profound impact on sales reps then the introduction of CRM software. Transforming the average sales rep into a superpowered, highly connected engine, your CRM is your lifeline – the way you keep track of everyone, everything, and how you can best serve them.

We’ve already talked about why you need a CRM, but here’s a couple of quick stats in case you need a reminder.

  • A CRM can increase revenue by 41% per user. (Trackvia)
  • Without CRM, 79% of leads fail to convert. (Pardot)
  • CRM had the most impact on customer retention (47%), customer satisfaction (47%), Revenue (45%), and upselling/cross-selling (39%). (Capterra)

The short of it is that if you’re not fully utilizing your CRM for sales, you’re missing out. Now I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you have a CRM, but you know you’ve got room for growth. Let’s check off a couple of quick things to make sure you’re set up for success with your CRM.

You’re using Salesforce.

Salesforce is the top CRM for a reason – you can’t point at any other software as fully featured.

However, that is exactly why so many people underutilize Salesforce. There are so many features, it can get overwhelming very quickly.

At Equity Risk Partners, the company relied heavily on their CRM to communicate with each other, but had nobody to administer it in-house. Prialto helped the company clean up its Salesforce contacts, de-dupe existing records and create best practices for the entire company on how to use the software.

You’ve implemented it properly.

Here at Prialto, we’ve mastered the art of CRM implementation, like when we implemented a custom instance of Salesforce for LendingHome which centralized the team’s Account and Contact information, inbound leads, and opportunities.

Beyond that, we also spend a lot of time inside of the actual sales operations of companies. There are some instances where we handle the majority of a business’ sales operations.

You’ve got your priorities in order.

Josh Iverson, the owner of iMediaSalesTeam and longtime Salesforce user, meets dozens of people a month. That’s why we worked with him to create a system that prioritized people and tasks so important meetings and contacts wouldn’t fall through the cracks.

By having an established pipeline, you’re well on your way to making your CRM work harder for you.

With that in mind, here are 10 ways your CRM can shorten your sales cycle.

1. Effective contact management

In 2014, 74% of users said their CRM system offered improved access to customer data (Ringlead); however, that statistic only matters if you’re keeping your data up to date.

How do you do that? Easy. Log your call notes. Make sure every time you touch base with someone that it’s recorded.

Hot Tip: Setting up an automatic BCC is a good way to ensure everything is tracked.

If entering all that data feels like it’s not the best use of your time, you’re right. It’s not. Most of these processes are easily outsourced, so there is no reason Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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