10 Ways To Build Powerful Connections With Influencers

By Joe Elliott

10 Ways To Build Powerful Connections With Influencers

Are you fed up with being ignored by influential people in your niche?

Does every email you send seem to be fall into the darkest depths of the digital ether?

Do you find yourself hopefully checking your email inbox anyway, patiently waiting for that magic reply?

Well, unless the email monster is back again, it looks like you could use some help building connections with influencers.

The biggest problem I see in this area is people who go in cold.

How would you like it if some random person came to your door and started telling you their life story?

But if you already knew a bit about the person, you might be more tempted to listen. Let’s say you’d actually read their content and seen their name around.

This would make you more likely to become a part of their community and more disposed to build a relationship.

After all, friends like to help friends!

And in that spirit, I’m going to share with you my top ten ways to build powerful connections with influential bloggers in your niche.

1. Get an introduction from a mutual connection

How many people do you know in your industry?

Are you part of any groups that are focused on your niche?

Take stock of all the people you know in a professional capacity and see if they share a connection with an influencer you are trying to get in contact with.

Being introduced is the easiest and most ‘organic’ way to get noticed.

Imagine being at a party with a friend where you know nobody. You might feel pretty awkward, but you can rely on the fact that people will start smiling at and talking to you because you have a mutual connection.

Think of digital marketing as one big party where using your existing network to meet new people is key.

When you are introduced to someone, you get a perfect opportunity to let your personality shine.

Don’t be shy – ask people who already know you in your industry for an introduction to the people you want to connect with.

2. Use blog comments to gain their attention

If you have exhausted all your connections but no dice, try going directly to the source.

By this, of course, I mean the influencers’ blog. This is where they spend the majority of their time online. This is where they go to develop content, answer questions, look at metrics and check out stats.

Pick your favorite blog of theirs and actually read it. I don’t mean skim-read it, I mean read it word for word, start to finish.

Your task is to find a way to add value to the influencer’s blog post using the blog comments.

Can you add an extra insight to the comments?

What tips or experiences can you share?

Answer questions. If this is a guru blogger, then they will struggle to answer all the questions they get asked here. This is where you can sweep in and start answering other bloggers questions in the comments for them.

If you do it in Go to the full article.

Source:: Jeff Bullas Blog

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