10 Truths About Content Marketing You Need To Know

By Jeff Bullas

9 Truths About Content Marketing That You Need To Know

It was one of those days. My computer had stopped working.

Do I call the manufacturer and get them to step me through the trouble shooting process for that fix? I decided that maybe best to just turn it off and on first. Three minutes later the frozen screen is replaced by a working laptop.

Problem fixed.

Then I tried to login to the internet. I was met with that message….”website can’t be found…please check your network diagnostics“. I knew the solution. Restart the wireless router that was sitting in the corner of the office.

So…..here is a truth about machines.

It’s that most of them start working again when you turn off the power for a few minutes.

So here are some truths about content marketing.

#1. More content is not better

Quality content trumps a ton of crap content.

Crafting a blog post with a great story as an introduction to make the point takes time and creativity. Researching and putting together long form content is not the work of a few minutes.

And just pumping out superficial and inane Facebook “Live” videos is maybe fun but it doesn’t mean they meet the quality requirement.

#2. New content is not the best content

Content that reports the latest news in your industry is great. But it has a limited shelf life. Today’s news is old news tomorrow. It can be shared maybe once or twice.

Evergreen content is content that can be shared for months and even years. And the thing about a lot of evergreen content is that it doesn’t fit the “new” content category. It is often seen as old and dated.

So…..don’t be distracted by those people that are always demanding something new.

The strategy of making most of your content evergreen is powerful. It allows you to build an asset bank of content that can be constantly shared. The other upside to that is that it also attracts links as people include it in their blog posts. That builds organic search engine authority.

That is valuable and many social media marketers don’t think of that.

#3. Content marketing is an asset

Truth is ever evolving and beliefs keep changing. The world is no longer flat.

In the past traditional marketing was a newspaper advertisement that was lining the bin the next day. The television promotion ran for a week and was never seen again. Those are an expense. That was a truth 5 years ago.

Today the blog post is published and it is indexed by Google and can be found until someone turns off the power and the web. The television ad is uploaded to YouTube and if continues to make a difference as it is found by search engines.

Treat your content as an asset. That is a different mindset.

#4. Content defines you

Marketing online is is a lonely experience.

You sit at your computer create your content and hit publish. In a distant country and a different continent 20,000 kms away someone reads it. They have never met you but you have just been judged and defined by that content.

Daunting…..but don’t let that Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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