10 Tips To Help You Successfully Promote Your Blog Content On Social Media

By Emma Vince

10 Tips To Help You Successfully Promote Your Blog Content On Social Media

You have an idea. You produce a great article and hit the publish button. Is that enough?

The answer to that question is most definitely NO. It’s not enough to simply publish content and wait for the traffic to find it. You need to push it out and get the traffic coming in your direction.

How do you do that? Social media of course! Social media platforms are a great way to promote blog content. It’s where the audience is, it has high engagement rates and it’s a very cost-effective method of promotion.

If you’re struggling to get traffic to your content, here’s some tips on how to successfully promote blog content on social media.

Tease your readers

Don’t just copy and paste the blog title and URL into a Facebook post and stick it on your profile. Tease your readers with quotes from the article. Make them curious so they’ll want to know more.

“We are bombarded with content and blog posts daily from millions of companies so to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, have a catchy caption or headline that will make people stop scrolling and start reading,” says marketing executive Teresa Walsh.

Harper’s Bazaar did a great example of this when they teased their piece on the “Met Gala’s Best Dressed”. On their Facebook page, they shared a link to the piece, but underneath they included a short video which included a couple of fashion highlights from the event. A nice way to entice the audience to view the entire piece.

Influencer input

When planning a blog post, reach out to industry experts and get their opinions and tips. Include this expertise in your content and let them know when it’s published.

These experts are more than happy to share this content with their network (as they’ve been featured in it!). This method helps your content to reach a much wider audience.

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Create different formats

“One of the best tips for sharing blog content via social media is to create 2-3 different formats for each blog post that you produce,” says Maree Jones, publicity and communications specialist.

“Each time that you share one of these formats, link back to the original post,” she adds.

This approach does a few things: first it gives you data as to the types of content that your audience is most likely to engage with. Secondly, it pulls in maximum potential traffic to your posts. Lastly, it fixes a big mistake that many of us are guilty of – not sharing (or forgetting to share) their blog posts more than once across social media channels.

Not only can this mistake cost you potential readers and higher traffic, but it can also create more work for you in the long run.

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Set a schedule to post at the most optimal time. You want your content to reach as many people as possible, therefore you need to post your content when your audience is most active on the platform.

This way your followers will Go to the full article.

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