10 Tips For Successful Social Selling Based on Research

By Brooke B. Sellas


Social selling is nothing new. Successful social selling, well, that’s another story!

How many times have you connected to someone on Twitter or LinkedIn only for them to immediately send you a message selling something?

That is not social selling! That’s social spam!

If you want to use social media to sell your products or services, here are ten tips for doing it right.

What Is Social Selling?

When people or brands use digital channels, like social media, to create and/or nurture relationships with current and would-be customers, that’s social selling.

Selling on social doesn’t mean you’re pushing a product or service, either.

It can be as simple as:

  • Engaging with a client’s social media post(s)
  • Using social media to study a lead before your pitch meeting
  • Endorsing or reviewing a client on LinkedIn
  • Following vital accounts on Twitter
  • Using LinkedIn’s advanced search to search for potential clients

Traditional sales methods are no longer the only way to connect with prospects. Using social selling can vastly improve your bottom line.



Selling On Social Channels

According to CSO Insights, the social media channels or “tools” salespeople use most for social selling are:

  • LinkedIn (84%)
  • Twitter (38%)
  • Facebook (28%)

Social selling tools are used for a myriad of tasks, as the chart from the same report shows below.


The top four spots belong to research and development of leads or ways to prep for calling or pitching a client.

These methods lead to both reduced contact times and an increase in the number of leads salespeople were able to produce.

Which brings me to tracking your social selling efforts. Here are a few questions to ask (or metrics to track):

  1. How do I measure the impact of my social selling efforts?
  2. How many new meetings have I booked from social selling this month? YTD?
  3. Are there new opportunities from our efforts? How many?
  4. Is our social activity impacting revenue?

10 Tips For Successful Social Selling

61% of organizations engaged in social selling report a positive impact on revenue growth. (Source)

Here’s how you can see growth trend upwards with social selling, too:

  1. First help, then sell. Jay Baer points out that helping vs. selling is critical in his book, Youtility. It’s imperative that you check your hard selling at the door when using social media to connect with potential customers. Also, do yourself a favor and start tracking which consumers are already interacting with your brand and START THERE.
  2. Choose your channels wisely. Where do your potential customers hang out online? Where are your competitors most present? Give your customers what they want, where they are (NOT where you want to be!).
  3. Always start with the low-hanging fruit. Cold calling doesn’t work. Start with your hot leads, then work through warm, and only go after cold if you must.
  4. Create GREAT offers. Stop giving away iPads, PLEASE! Instead, create an offer that sells something YOU do. Sell the experience or benefits, not the product — and don’t forget to create a sense of urgency.
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