10 Tips for Product Owners on the Product Vision

By Robbin Schuurman

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Product Vision

Before we dive into some tips on the Product vision, let’s provide a little context first! The Product Owner is the one person in Scrum who is responsible for the success of the Product. Therefore, the Product Owner creates, manages and owns the Product vision. The Product vision describes the purpose of a Product, the intention with which the Product is being created and what it aims to achieve for customers and users. The Product vision describes a future state of the Product and what problems it tries to resolve or what ambitions it tries to fulfill.

Having a clear and inspiring Product vision helps in motivating and inspiring people, like the Development Team, the stakeholders and customers and users. It also provides a common understanding of the direction we want to move towards. Besides that, the Product vision also supports the Product Owner in making choices about what to build and what not to build for the Product.

All in all, it’s pretty damn important to have a Product vision, so in this blog, we’ll cover 10 tips about the Product vision. I hope you enjoy them!

10 Tips for your Product vision:

1. Be(come) the owner of the Product vision
In my humble opinion, this is by far the most important tip we can share with you. We have met, coached and trained many, many, many Product Owners and the most successful Product Owners we’ve met were really passionate about their own Product Vision. We’ve also met a lot of Product Owners who didn’t own the vision, but who were mainly executing the product roadmap, based upon someone else’s vision. This makes the job harder, not impossible, but a lot harder. This is mainly because as a Product Owner, you should be motivated by the vision, your heart should start beating faster about it, you should be passioned about the vision and you have to share it, very very often. Product Owners that own the vision and are passionate about it, are typically more successful.

2. Share your Product vision, often
Your job as a Product Owner includes sharing the Product Vision. And sharing the vision again. And again. And again. It is soooo important for people to know why you’re doing the things you do. It helps the Development Team in making technical choices about architecture for example. It helps the stakeholders in understanding what would be valuable for the product. It helps users to understand why they should use and/or buy your product. The Product Vision is just so damn important!

3. Don’t believe your idea is the best idea ever
Being passionate about your Product is awesome! There is one downside about passion however. We’ve met quite a few Product Owners who were so much in love with their own Product, that they forgot that they weren’t developing the Product for themselves, but for their customers and users. So don’t fall in this trap. I’m sure your product idea(s) are awesome, but keep in mind that you’re building the Product for someone else. Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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