10 Tips for Product Owners on Stakeholder Management

By Robbin Schuurman

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Stakeholder Management
As a Product Owner, you are responsible for stakeholder management. It’s important that you know your stakeholders, their interests, what they need from you and your Product and how they may be able to help you out as well! Stakeholders come in many different forms, they may be customers, users, managers, colleagues, etc. etc. and as a Product Owner, you need to manage them and collaborate with them effectively, in order to maximize the value of your Product. In this post, we’ll cover 10 tips about stakeholder management. In the blogs to follow, we’ll also cover tips on the other aspects of Product Ownership. I hope you enjoy them!

10 Tips about Stakeholder Management:

1. Start saying ‘no’ to stakeholders
As a Product Owner, your job is to maximize value for your Product. This involves making choices and it’s best to do a couple of things really well, instead of doing a a lot of things halfway. This is a hard job! It’s a job in which you can’t satisfy everyone. Imagine a product you use yourself (almost) every single day… Is this a Product with tons of features? Or is it a relatively simple Product, which does a couple of things really really well?

In order to maximize value for your customers and users, you as a Product Owner will have to make conscious decisions, especially about what not to do! So, start saying ‘no’ to stakeholders! There are many different ways and forms of saying ‘no’. As a matter of fact, a colleague of mine and myself are writing a book on saying no, specifically for Product Owners! So keep your eyes open if you want to learn more about this! 😉

2. Stop treating all stakeholders equally
Many Product Owners are very busy people. They always got tons of work to do, like refinement sessions, Sprint Reviews, writing Product Backlog Items and of course, those stakeholders that take up soo much of your time! If you are one of these Product Owners, than this tip may be one for you: Stop treating all your stakeholders equally! I encounter a lot of Product Owners, who spend tons of time on managing all their stakeholders, and this is certainly not a bad thing! I believe it’s very important to spend a significant amount of your time on your stakeholders! But… These stakeholders should be your most important stakeholders (like the customer and/or the Products users). In daily practices however, I encounter a lot of Product Owners who spend all their time on all their stakeholders. Everyone seems equally important to them. But I’m sorry… That is just not true! Not all stakeholders are equally important! Some have a high interest in the Product, others have a low interest… Some have a lot of power, others don’t… Some are you ‘partners in crime’, others are just interested in the impact of your Product on their department and people… So, you have to be more explicit about who your important, and not-so-important stakeholders are. In order Go to the full article.

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