10 Product Page Split Tests To Increase Your Ecommerce Conversions

By Aaron Agius

10 Product Page Split Tests To Increase Your Ecommerce Conversions

In order to execute a successful pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign, a significant amount of split testing is typically involved.

With Facebook ads, for example, you need to test the image, value proposition, call-to-action, headline, body text and audience for each ad. Because of the infinite number of combinations available to test, it often takes some trial and error before you get an ad that has a high click-through-rate (CTR) with a low cost-per-click (CPC).

Even once you’re able to send prospective buyers to your website, you’re still not home free. Next, you need to test a number of things on your product page before you can achieve a good conversion rate.

Did you know only 22% of businesses are actually satisfied with their conversion rates?

In fact, 85% of marketers are now focusing on conversion rate optimization. If you aren’t meticulously split testing your product pages, then you’re leaving money on the table.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to split testing. What works for one business may have disastrous results for another.

Bearing that in mind, here are some of the product page split tests that you can conduct to improve your eCommerce conversions.

1. Add-to-cart button colors

Your add-to-cart button should be the focal point of your landing page. If people don’t notice it, for whatever reason, this will negatively impact your conversions.

Much has been written about the ideal color for add-to-cart buttons, and there are no definitive answers. One point of view is that you should choose a color for your button that dramatically contrasts with the rest of your branding in order to stand out. But there is no conclusive evidence that this works.

In a study of 50 leading eCommerce brands, 32% used orange add-to-cart buttons while 24% used blue. There wasn’t a consensus about what worked best because every company is different.

However, it’s worth your time to split test several different colors for your business. In an eCommerce split test performed by Receptional, a click rate increase of 344% was achieved by changing the store’s add-to-cart buttons from orange to purple.

2. Pricing displays

The way you present your pricing information is incredibly important. You can test the results of tiered pricing vs. straight pricing in a split test.

With straight pricing, you simply display the price of the product. With tiered pricing, you offer prospects the appearance of options (even though most will elect the middle choice in a tier).

Variant A (below) represents straight pricing.

Variant B, from web host iPage, represents tiered pricing.

In addition, think carefully about whether your pricing information is displayed prominently enough on your product page.

Royal Discount, an eCommerce company that offers discounted computer software from recognized manufacturers, uses a business model dependent on competitive pricing.

The company hypothesized that pricing information on product pages may not have been sufficiently emphasized and was harming conversions.

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Source:: Jeff Bullas Blog

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