10 Places to Find Free Music for Videos

By Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead

10 Places to Find Free Music for Videos

Music is an essential element of any video. The right kind of music helps make a video more powerful, emotive and effective. The internet is home to a number of royalty-free music sources that enable users to download music to use for making videos.

Whilst these sites offer royalty-free music, some require payment. Sites that offer, or claim to offer, total free music can be questionable in their authenticity. In many cases, it can be difficult or even impossible to know if the original artist agreed to have their work there.

Small Business Trends has identified ten places to head to for royalty-free, authentic music downloads for making quality and professional videos.

Places to Find Free Music for Videos


FreeSoundTrackMusic provides royalty-free music that can be used on videos, movies, games and multi-media productions. Whilst the music is royalty-free, video creators are required to purchase credits to become a member and have access to a greater choice of music. Credit prices range from $3.50 for a single download, to $24.00 for a 24-track download pack.

Audio Jungle

Audio Jungle offers royalty-free music under paid licenses. While free royalty-free music might be tempting, as Snail Music admits, the quality of the free music is not always sufficient for corporate video and therefore recommends users take advantage of using the site’s royalty-free music under paid licenses. Audio Jungle has five different music licenses available.

Audio Sparx

Audio Sparx prides itself as being a world-class music licensing source for creative and commercial use. With over 800,000 pre-cleared tracks by award-winning artists, bands, composers and orchestras, it’s not different to find high-quality music to accompany videos of Audio Sparx. Users simply have to create an account, sign in, browse music and then add chosen tracks to their shopping cart.


TuneFruit likes to be referred to as a micro licensor rather than production music. TuneFruit offers a vast range of free music downloads from wide choice of musical genres. Video makers can browse through the like of acoustic, cinematic, blues, jazz, retro, rock, and a whole host of other musical genres, to find suitable tracks for their videos. TuneFruit offers five pricing tiers with explainer videos.

Partners In Rhyme

Partners In Rhyme have been providing royalty-free music over the internet since 1996. Users can browse through the music libraries, listen to the different tracks and, when they find a suitable track for their video, add it to their cart.

Premium Beat

Premium Beat offers royalty-free corporate music designed to help video creators produce videos to motivate and inspire their audience. After creating an account, uses can search for a suitable track and then add it to their cart for downloading.


Pond5 provides royalty-free stock and production music tracks for any creative project. Whatever type of video a user is creating, Pond5 claims it will have the tracks in its Go to the full article.

Source:: Small Business Trends

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