10 Examples of Using Email for Lifecycle Marketing

By Ivan Kreimer

Marketers understand people rarely purchase after their first touch with a website or brand. Consumers need nurturing at multiple stages throughout the purchase funnel.

Lifecycle marketing allows companies to send multiple emails with the goal of educating prospects so they understand what the company offers and how it can help them succeed. In other words, companies use lifecycle marketing to increase the likelihood of purchase, increase retention, and lifetime value.

But as Anthony Nygren, from EMI Strategic Marketing, says: “Lifecycle Marketing isn’t just about sending messages customers might like — it’s about positively influencing their behavior.”

Lifecycle marketing campaigns aren’t one-size-fits-all tactics that you can just plug and play. You must adapt each campaign to your industry, your personas, and your specific goals.

In this post, I’ll share ten examples of companies that use lifecycle marketing to communicate with their subscribers and customers.


Campaign Monitor

A great way to learn about lifecycle marketing is from Campaign Monitor. I’ve been using it to promote my personal blog for some time, and recently, I decided to use it to launch a new email-based personal project of mine.

After I signed up, I immediately received a welcome email: it starts with a warm thank you that includes some social proof. Then, it recommends three clear ways to get started. Since it’s common people have questions before getting started with any tool, Campaign Monitor also offers customer support help in case you need it.

After I sent my first campaign, I was reminded to analyze the results, which was both helpful and useful.

Campaign Monitor – Analyze Email Campaign Results

A day after I sent my campaign (which had been scheduled), I received a second email with a direct link to the analytics reporting, and a link to Worldview and the iOS app.

Campaign Monitor – Analytics Report Email



Allbirds is a shoe company from New Zealand that sells wool shoes that are all the rage with tech folks, millennials, and nearly everyone else.

The first email I received was a brief explanation of what they do and what they stand for. The email shared the company’s values rather than just talking about the product itself. They talk about their shoes, but from a value perspective (environmental sustainability, benefits of their shoes) and not about specific features. What I love about Allbirds is their values, so it makes sense they talk about them before they talk about their shoes.

Email Marketing – Company Values

After I submitted my order, I received a standard order confirmation email. Simple and effective.

AllBirds – Order Confirmation Email

After my order shipped, I received another email providing me the tracking number.

AllBirds – Order Tracking Email

What I didn’t receive is a product review email Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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