10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Data Visualizations

By Katy French

Great data storytelling languishing in blogs, a beautiful chart hiding on a designer’s desktop, a great graph shared once in an infographic—these are some of our biggest pet peeves, because a great data visualization should never go to waste. It takes a lot of time and skill to produce beautiful data visualizations, and we think you should get the most mileage out of anything you put that much energy into.

10 Ways to Reuse a Data Visualization

That’s why we encourage you to republish, repurpose, remix, and reuse your data visualizations as much as possible. (We actually call this a divisible content strategy, which you can read more about here.) We know that it’s easy to wrap up a project and move on, but you should really look at all content you create through two lenses:

  1. How you’ll use it in its first iteration
  2. How to use it to extend the shelf-life of the content or support other collateral you’re creating

For data visualizations in particular, there are a lot of things you can do to extend their reach. Here are some of our favorites.

1) Infographics

Now, for many people, the whole reason you end up with a slick data visualization is because of an infographic. But if you’re starting with a visualization from, say, your annual report, you may be able to find a new home—and even a new story—in an infographic. Additionally, you may have a series of infographics on similar subjects. As long as it’s relevant, save your designers some work and repurpose the visualizations you have.

Example: We helped Highfive turn data from a company report into a visual, shareable infographic.

2) E-books and White Papers

No matter what you make, visuals will always enhance it. And when you have a great data visualization, it’s because you have great data (well, we hope). For things like e-books and white papers, data is a great way to tell your story and break up the information with engaging visuals.

Example: We worked with HP to create their highly visual Enterprise 2020 e-book, featuring plenty of data visualizations.

For more tips on how to make better content marketing, check out our e-book archive.

3) Reports

Whether it’s a client report, company report, or annual report, a great data visualization makes it a lot easier to “see” the significance of numbers. When you need to communicate or support your argument, data visualization is very useful. (Also, who wouldn’t prefer a well-designed piece in their inbox over a droll spreadsheet?)

Example: We partnered with the NFL to produce print reports featuring data and analytics for each team’s web performance. Each report contained detailed information, presented in a visually engaging way for easy reference.

10 ways to reuse a data visualization

4) Presentations and Tradeshows

When you are publicly presenting information, you need it to be visually impactful. Whether you’re trying to engage an audience at Go to the full article.

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