10 Amazing Local Marketing Hacks From This Popular Community Burger Joint

By Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead

11 Amazing Local Marketing Hacks From This Popular Community Burger Joint

How do small, local businesses compete with the larger franchises on their doorstep? In order to shed some light on the subject, Small Business Trends spoke to Andrew Doumith, marketer for the family-owned The Burger Shack in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.

The Burger Shack opened in 2012. The restaurant was established with the aim of using local vendors and high-quality ingredients to make fresh, natural and healthy burgers. The Burger Shack competes effectively against huge numbers of fast food chains within several minutes’ drive.

Local Marketing Hacks

Doumith offers 11 amazing local marketing hacks on how Burger Shack manages to stave off competition from larger fast food competitors.

Differentiate Your Products From Your Big Competitors

“As a local restaurant, it is important to clearly differentiate your products from your big competitors in at least one major unique way. One of our creative methods is to stuff our burger patties with the freshest ingredients,” said Doumith.

“The Burger Shack’s ‘stuffed’ burgers are unique in that the ingredients are stuffed within the beef,” Doumith said. “Our 94 percent lean beef is naturally raised on open range pastures without using any steroid implants or any needless antibiotics. It is safe and healthy for the consumer because it is not the usual white fat-laced beef consumers buy from the grocery stores. Our beef is of the best quality because its triple ground and no fat or additives are added. When we say, ‘ALL NATURAL’ we mean it!”

“The combinations of ingredients used are purposely creative and locally sourced, Doumith said. “We pride the freshness of our burger beef so much that we source and stuff our meats twice a day, every day — once for lunch and once for dinner. Let’s see a food chain attempt this one!”

Use Local Produce that Supports the Community

“Many of our customers are proud to say they are ‘locavores,’” Doumith said. “By definition, ‘locavore’ means a person who makes an effort to eat food that is grown, raised, or produced locally. This in itself is a strong reason why customers favor dining with us, but it does not nearly stop there.”

“Both Marlyn (Yacoub) and Sanaat (Nomie), the two owners, are also locavores and bring this into their ingredient selection,” he added. “We make it a bold effort to ensure that over 90 percent of all ingredients used are sourced raised, or produced locally. Ingredients sourced locally range from meats, vegetables, honey, and much more.”

“We view sharing the maximum amount of local foods to our customers every day is an intrinsic value that supports our local community,” Doumith said.

Build an Active and Engaging Social Media Presence

“The Burger Shack strives to have an extremely engaging and active social media presence on both Facebook and Instagram,” Doumith said. “We believe that as a small business, it is important to be as active and engaging as possible on all of your social media platforms. This is one thing that your local Burger King or Go to the full article.

Source:: Small Business Trends

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