1 Social Media Number No One is Talking About – ROTOMA

By Spencer X. Smith

My friend, a brilliant attorney named Erin Ogden, of OgdenGlazer LLC in Madison, recently told me this story:

“I saw another attorney today at lunch who I hadn’t seen in awhile. He said, ‘Oh, Erin! I am going to be sending a client your way. It is a friend of a friend who I think will fit with you well.’ Now, did he already make that connection prior to lunch? Probably, knowing him. But now the thought has solidified and the push to follow up is more present than before. Did it ‘get’ me the original thought for referral? No. But it got it closer to actually happening. And I have found that once you get one referral from someone, you get more. You become more entrenched as top-of-mind.”

Top-of-mind. What a powerful yet nebulous term. In my estimation, top-of-mind is really a lesson in associations. The smell of a campfire is something you may associate with summer nights, while the sound of a whistle may remind you of a particularly good coach (or one who made you run when you messed up — thanks Coach Damron). In Erin’s case, an attorney saw her and it triggered the “referral for Erin” association.

Top-of-mind. What a powerful yet often forgotten term in the online realm. How can you be sure you’re top-of-mind when your potential customers need you? I call this ROTOMA (Return on Top of Mind Awareness) But first – what question do I hear more than anything else when designing digital and social media campaigns for prospective customers?

“What’s my ROI?”

How often have you asked yourself this question in relation to your online business activities? How often have you tried — in vain — to calculate your return on investment in digital and social media? Has it led to apathy? Or worse yet, a negative association altogether? “Can this stuff really work?” you may think to yourself. “Can social media really help me in my business?” The answer is yes, and in this article I’ll show you the one social media number no one is talking about, and why that number is so important.

First off though, let’s go back to 2008.

I had a sales job (um, I mean I was regional sales director, and later a regional vice president) that required travel from Madison to Indianapolis. I’d work in Indianapolis starting Monday morning, stay there during the workweek to visit customers and prospective customers, and return to Madison on Friday evening.

Question No. 1: Madison is in the Central time zone. In which time zone is Indianapolis located?

Yep, the Eastern time zone. In other words, you lose an hour driving to Indy and earn that hour back on the way to Madison. Because my typical Monday meetings would start in Indianapolis at 9 a.m., I would leave Madison at 2:30 a.m. to make it on time.

Question No. 2: You’re driving on Monday mornings from Madison to Indianapolis. What do you do in the car during that time?

Listen to music? Audiobooks? Foreign language instructionals? I Go to the full article.

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